Diet Won't Affect The Dark Spots But Skin Will Look Healthier If Fattening And Oily Foods Are Avoided.

Purchase and apply one of the several brands of licorice-based whiteners on the market, including LicoWhite. Use this mixture twice daily for two to three weeks. Lemon is one of the most recommended remedies. Apply a whitening mask daily until the desired results are achieved, then weekly to maintain the skin shade. Leave on for around 15 minutes, before washing off with warm water. Two rare compounds are found in the licorice plant: glabridin, a skin whitener, and galbene, an antioxidant. Purchase either Kojic or Azelaic acid on-line or in any beauty shops across the nation. Pollution, the sun and normal wear and tear can discolour skin through impurities, especially on those with highly pigmented skin. Mix lime juice with turmeric powder and apply to skin.

The Board declared to distribute an interim dividend of HK4.1 cents per share and special interim dividend of HK2.5 cents per share. During the period under review, turnover in the PRC market dropped by 10.3% to HK$194.4 million as a result of the translation effect to Hong Kong dollars, the Group's reporting currency, and the decline in product sales. As the Group increased promotion discount during the period under review, gross margin on product sales decreased to 78.6%. Turnover in Taiwan decreased by 3.9% to HK$44.4 million. Gross margin on product sales edged up by 0.5 percentage points to 80.5%. On the other hand, sales in other regions, including Hong Kong, Macau and Malaysia, decreased by 29.9% to HK$1.4 million, accounting for an insignificant 0.6% of the Group's turnover. The Group derives its income principally from its network of distribution channels, including spas and concessionary counters in department stores. As at 30 June 2016, there were 1,064 spas and 14 concessionary counters. A total of 20 new stores were opened, while 14 stores were closed during the period under review. For the first half of 2016, average sales per store in the PRC grew 7.5% to HK$244,000, while average sales per store in Taiwan maintained stable at HK$178,000.

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A typical skin bleaching system or kit sold at the drug store consists of hydrogen peroxide, ammonia and sometimes glycolic acid. Acne scars, medicines such as birth control pills, age and some chemicals can also cause dark spots. Tyrosinase is a copper enzyme found in plants and animals that allows the production of melanin. Mix a teaspoon of tomato juice and lemon juice with a tablespoon of sandal powder, then apply the paste to the entire face and neck. Rub the juice on the spots twice a day. You can buy pre-made skin bleaches or make them at home. The most recommended is lemon juice, a natural bleach that is also a good ex foliating agent. This condition is caused melasma. Diet won't affect the dark spots but skin will look healthier if fattening and oily foods are avoided.

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